About Us

Welcome  Beauties and Gents!

 My name is Thelma and I am the founder of Annifa Beauty Collection LLC. I am a wife and mother of two beautiful kids. My daughter Annifatu is 7 years old and son MJ is 2 years old.
I am a lover of all things beauty and I've always had a passion for good skincare. I also love to look good and feel my best at all times.

When I had my daughter Annifatu, I wanted to use all natural products on her skin. One of my favorite body products that I thought was perfect for Annifatu’s skin was the African Shea butter. I would buy some Shea Butter and put in a mixer  for a more softer feel and it worked perfect for her skin and kept it soft and moisturized. I also would add lavender essential oil, which has a very calming smell, and it helped her have a better sleep at night.

Annifatu also got a lot of compliments for how nice and glowy her skin looked and I got questions about what I used on her skin from other parents, especially parents of kids she went to the same preschool with. My family, friends and coworkers would also ask me to make some Body Butter for them and they really liked it.

I later said why not start myself a business and introduce my products to other people that feel good about using products that are safe and healthy for they and their families . So I did some research and started my skincare business. I decided to add other scents to my Body Butter that people would love as well. 

And because I personally love feeling good about myself and looking beautiful at the same time, and would love everyone to feel the same,I then added more beauty products that I love and use, even products from my favorite brands.
Please stay tuned for what Annifa Beauty Collection has in store for you.

Annifa Beauty Collection is not only about Natural skincare,we are also about looking and feeling our best.